MOD Story: Asteroid

5 Nov

This story was submitted for inclusion in a compilation of short stories called the Machine of Death volume 2. The instruction was to write a story that had to include the concept of a machine that could predict the future by examining a blood sample of a person. It would then provide a short, possibly very cryptic message that accurately said how that person would die.

Sadly, my story will not be included in this anthology; however, I have made it available here for anyone who is interested in a good, short read! I’d also love to see comments!

If you have a story that you want others to read, feel free to post about it in the comments below, too, and let’s all share!

You can read my story in a variety of ways (sorry that you have to copy/paste links into your browser):

To read as an online Google Apps:

To read/download as a PDF file:

To read on a mobile:

Please let me know what you think!


Oh, also, if you do like this story and you want to read more of my work, I have a hardcover and ebook available on Amazon.  It’s called The Minerva Virus, and I invite you to check it out!


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